October Hummingbird

One week into October and I still haven’t taken any photographs, mostly because it’s been raining every day and each day is grey and overcast and really blurry. I took the above pic at the end of last month. That’s roughly how our bed looks each morning, with the dogs (as soon as Doug goes to work they expect to get on the bed with me now) and my journal.  A month ago we were amazed that we were still seeing hummingbirds in the garden and guessed they’d be gone any day. A Google search told us they respond to changes in the length of the day and instinctively understand exactly when it’s time to take off for Mexico, so not to worry if you still have hummingbirds in September etc. etc. But here we are 10 months into the year and we still have this one little hummingbird each morning, looking cold and damp, his feathers fluffed up against the cold. We love watching his tongue unfurl from his beak and lap at the sugar water in the feeder. I’m going to refill the feeder later, but can’t help worrying he’s cutting it a bit fine if he needs to fly off and winter in warmer climes. I don’t know if hummingbirds can survive Iowa winters. I’ll miss him when he goes, but I have a serious heart to heart with him regarding this most mornings, when I open the windows in the kitchen and there he is.

This weekend we went to the Perry Perk to listen to Cindy Axne and Warren Varley, our local liberal candidates for political office. It just felt like the best thing we could do, and more useful than staying home snarling at the telly. It was a grey, rainy day and we drank hot coffee while Brett Kavanaugh, a petulant, whiny man accused of sexual assault and warmly praised as a hero by Republicans, was sworn in as a supreme court judge. Then the next day I started Christmas shopping (!) and started gearing up for another week of writing and trying to keep the dogs exercised – they’re not keen on being outside in the rain.


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