Deal’s Orchard

We had a few gusty days this week and the last leaf fell off the maple tree in the garden – the pear trees still have leaves though, turning yellow and gold. The garden is still a very busy place – we have chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers, bluejays, juncos and along with the squirrels it can be quite entertaining to look outside these days. My bird knowledge is increasing. I now know the difference between a chickadee and a nuthatch. The stunning black/white bird with a little red spot on its head I assumed was a male woodpecker is actually the female – the male is even more spectacular, with red plumage on his head and going down his back in a strip. These lovely creatures come to the garden every day and thanks to the feeder by the window, we are lucky enough to observe them closely.  Last night at around 9.30 we peeked outside – it was dark of course, but the outside light was on, and with the kitchen light switched off we couldn’t be seen. Two very large raccoons were ambling around, rooting around in the grass for scraps. One suddenly just hopped onto the middle pear tree and scaled the trunk, then disappeared up into the branches – I was very impressed, I’d never seen a raccoon climb a tree before!

We went to Deal’s Orchard in Jefferson last weekend, it’s quite kid oriented and a bit of a family tradition around here – there’s a corn maze, and other games and kid-things, we really had some fun in the corn maze and took a hay ride. The day was so mild, these lovely fall days are just easing us into winter gently, with temps in the 50s and 60s. It loos overcast this morning and the dogs have fleas. They have been biting,scratching like mad, etc. etc and I doused them with an apple cider solution yesterday. My two poor old sleepyheads don’t need this grief so we’re off to the vets tomorrow – soonest opening.


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