The Vet Clinic Visit

There was a large, bearded man at the vet’s, holding a cute puppy wrapped in a blanket, explaining at reception how the puppy had been mauled, the lacerations etc. etc. The vet said ‘you’ll have to hold him for me,’ and had a look, and the puppy yelped in pain and the large, bearded man was sobbing. There was also a couple with a chihuahua in reception area, the woman wanted to pet the dogs, so I told her they had fleas, she went ahead and petted Emily anyhow – so kind. Rudy and Emily let us down sometimes with their behaviour, but have to say they were brilliant.

At this point we’d already seen the vet and he’d confirmed the dogs were crawling with fleas and getting too fat, which we feel bad about, because table scraps have become a part of their lives – it’s very hard to resist their begging, but that is what we’re doing now. And they have flea collars and I vacuum the house every day and try to wash down every surface they come into contact with every day. One of the hardest things for me is when I make bread, and Emily hears the electric knife and heaves herself off her bed and comes plodding through to the kitchen for a taste – she loves Italian bread, poor little girl.3516

I haven’t taken many pictures this week, thereis much less opportunity now that winter is setting in. Last night I had a migraine and freezing cold feet and Doug was makingsupper and I pulled aside the kitchen curtains to look out into the darkness and there was a possum, rooting around in the fallen leaves, exploring the garden, busily going about the business of finding things to eat. He (she?) was about the size of a small dog, with light grey fur, a ropy tail like a big rat’s, and a white triangular face with 2 huge, slanted black eyes. Odd-looking, but quite pretty really. I really regretted the fact that I couldn’t get a good picture. The same goes with all the birds and squirrels coming to the garden now, which is a shame because they are spectacular, especially the male woodpecker that comes to the kitchen window feeder every day. I’m posting 2 not very good pictures I took this morning, you can at least see the red feathers in the first pics.


In spite of the snow and cold, the garden was very busy. Three squirrels, one making off with a stripped corn cob, the woodpecker couple, and nuthatches and juncos pecking around very companiably. The snow has stopped now, and it’s time to get some writing done.


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